The signal from WORN – Radio Orion grows louder and clearer with each passing day, and through the static, Turn to Ash, Vol. 2: Open Lines begins to take form.

Open Lines is a unique series of strange stories, presented as phone calls to late night paranormal talk show host, Chuck Leek, on his nationally syndicated radio program, The Late Night Leak. Of course, Chuck is having a hell of a night himself, and the calls weave through a frame story detailing his weird night of High Strangeness.

I’m pleased to announce the TOC for Turn to Ash, Vol. 2: Open Lines (not yet in final running order):

Cold Call (frame story) – Jonathan Raab

The Sun Screams in Retrograde – Rebecca Allred

OGRE – Joseph Bouthiette Jr

All that Moves Us – Evan Dicken

The White Factory – Kurt Fawver

A Room with Two Views – Joanna Michal Hoyt

When the Trees Sing – S. L. Edwards

Rails – Thomas Mavroudis

Lullabies from the Formicary – Betty Rocksteady

Midnight in the Desert – Joseph Pastula

The Merger – A.P. Sessler

Death Run – Martin Rose

Including recurring columns from Jose Cruz and James Newman, Turn to Ash, Vol. 2 will feature several pieces of non-fiction pertaining to radio, conspiracy, and the kind of weird goings-on covered by Mr. Leek’s show.

Small Wonders – The Thing on the Fourble Board – Jose Cruz

Take It From Me (But Give It Back When You’re Done): Random Thoughts On Horror Cinema – It’s a Cover-Up! (Seven Fright Flicks Featuring a Sinister Conspiracy) – James Newman

Lovecraft and the Primal Roots of Late-Night Radio: Fire, Myths, and Monsters – John DeLaughter

An Interview with Matthew M. Bartlett by Gordon White

Turn to Ash, Vol. 2: Open Lines will be available to order in late October. Watch this space and WORN – 1600 AM for further updates.

1 Am a Crack3d Machin3

I have been remiss in not posting any of the Turn to Ash, Vol. 1 Author Spotlights on this blog, and instead only sharing them with the Social Media Goon Squad on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. I will correct our course for future spotlights, but in the meantime here are the links to the previous interrogations.

Jordan Kurella

Andrew Wilmot

Jose Cruz

Lucy A. Snyder

J. Daniel Stone

C. C. Adams

Turn to Ash, Vol. 1 is available for pre-order here, and will be available from Amazon and Amazon EU in the last week of August.


The Vol. 1/Vol.0 Bundle is now SOLD OUT. Thanks to everyone who ordered.

Fear not if you missed out, Vol. 1 is still available for pre-order. Just follow the link HERE.

And then there were 3

vol 1 and vol 0 covers

There are only 3 copies of the Vol.1/Vol.0 bundle remaining. I would assume that they will be gone in the next 24 hours or so. If you’ve been on the fence and you wish to climb down, click HERE to order.

These are the last of only 50 copies of Vol. 0 that I will ever have for sale. Vol. 1 will still be available for pre-order after the supply of Vol.1/Vol.0 bundles is exhausted.

Know Your Product

vol 1 and vol 0 covers

Today is the day. Turn to Ash, Vol. 1 is available for pre-order. The first 50 folks to order will receive a bonus mini-issue, the not-so-subtly hinted at Turn to Ash, Vol. 0. Five pieces of fiction, one essay, and several pieces of art that do not appear in Vol. 1. This issue will only be available to the first 50  pre-orderers, so act quickly. The cost for the two volumes, a couple of buttons, a couple of stickers, and a bookmark is $13 plus shipping. I apologize for the cost of shipping outside the US, but that’s how much our lovely USPS charges to fling books outside our borders.

Turn to Ash, Vol. 1 will be available from Amazon US and EU in September, but the only way to get Vol. 0 and all the bonus swag is to order directly from us.

Below you will find the tables of contents for both volumes and the link to buy them. Orders will ship in approximately 60 days.

Turn to Ash Store

Volume 1


A Scent of Sage by Jason A. Wyckoff

The Monster I Became by Betty Rocksteady

Collectable by Tim Jeffreys

While the Black Stars Burn by Lucy A. Snyder

The Hunter by Terrence Hannum

Sod Webworms by Adrian Ludens

Hollow-Eyed Boys by Jordan Kurella

Chelsea Grin by Michael Kelly

What Makes a Shadow by J. Daniel Stone

The Recovered Journal of Marius Vladimirescu, Last of the Clown Hunters by Andrew Wilmot

So Dreamy Inside by C.C. Adams

The Mother Chase by Alana I. Capria

A Tooth for a Tooth by Matt Thompson


Wild Spaces: An Interview with Philip Gelatt by Jose Cruz

Take It From Me (But Give it Back When You’re Done): Random Thoughts on Horror Cinema by James Newman

Small Wonders: A Drop of Water by Jose Cruz


Christian Weiland

Lee Harrington

Matt Andrew

Cover image by Matt Tisdale

Volume 0


Rabbit Face by Thomas C. Mavroudis

The Fire This Time by Erica Ruppert

I’ve Been Here a Very Long Time by S.L. Edwards

The Auteur by Mike Thorn

The Chalk Giant by Ian Creasey


H.P. Lovecraft and H.R. Giger: “Was There a Madness to Their Methods?” by John DeLaughter


Christian Weiland

Cover image by Andrew Hinton


Turn to Ash Vol. 2 call for submissions.


Charles “Chuck” Leek hosts The Late Night Leak – AM radio’s home for conspiracy theorists, monster hunters, spirit mediums, aliens, demons, angels, black-eyed children, shadow people, lizard people, time travelers, and anyone else who may go bump in the very darkest hour of the night. Tonight, Chuck is hosting an open lines show, and he wants his listeners to call in and tell him about their strangest, most terrifying, unexplainable experiences. Broadcasting from WORN 1600 AM in Orion, deep inside the haunted Ohio valley, Chuck wants to hear from YOU!

Turn to Ash is seeking short fiction for its second volume, Turn to Ash: Open Lines. Open Lines will have a frame story concerning Chuck’s… unusual night at WORN, written by Jonathan Raab (The Hillbilly Moonshine Massacre, Flight of the Blue Falcon, thee-mad-genius-in-chief at Muzzleland Press), but a substantial portion of the volume will consist of the calls Chuck receives from his listeners.

Let’s cut to The Chase. What are the guidelines? Original Short stories, as short as you please or as long as 3K words (as always, I’m a little flexible on max word count, but shorter is better here), written as a caller to a paranormal talk radio show. <—- THIS IS IMPORTANT. —-> Your story must be written in the first person, as recounted by the caller. If you find it necessary to write any dialog between your caller and Chuck, please keep it brief and know that those sections will need to be edited to keep Chuck’s voice consistent throughout the volume. I will provide a bio for Chuck Leek and some information on his show in a PDF file linked below so that you can get a better sense of who and what your caller is calling.

Pay for accepted submissions will be 1 cent per word. Multiple submissions are encouraged, as long they are written as different callers. Only one call per caller per show, as per Chuck’s rules. Send submissions to turntoashmedia at, and please put OPEN LINES SUBMISSION in the subject line. DOC files are preferred, but RTF is tolerated. Shunn manuscript format, please. Obviously, reprints won’t really work for this issue, so please save them for next time around. Unless you want to rewrite something you’ve already written in this format. But, then it’s not really a reprint anymore, is it? OR IS IT? It’s not. Submissions will be open until August 8th. I have a lot of irons in a lot of fires right now, so I probably won’t be accepting or rejecting any submissions until after the August 8th deadline. However, I will send out a response to confirm that I have received your sub within 48 hours of receiving it. If you haven’t heard from me within 48 hours of subbing, feel free to query.

I am a huge fan of the 90’s Coast to Coast AM shows, and am obviously taking a cue from them (the “Ghost to Ghost” Halloween specials, in particular) for the setting of this volume of Turn to Ash. If you’ve never listened to any, I’d encourage you to poke around YouTube and give them a listen. They are highly entertaining. Included below are links to a couple of long compilations of shows, and there are many more to find where they came from.

I am, of course, always on the lookout for interviews and essays that fall into the realm of horror/the weird/dark fiction. They don’t have to relate to the subject of the volume’s fiction at all, but that might be neat if they did.

I’m set for artwork for this volume. Interior artwork will be handled by the same entity that drew the image of Ol’ Chuck that accompanies this post; the illimitable being that is perceived by our rudimentary senses in this parlor show slice of “reality” in which we toil as Julian Dassai.

If you want to take a pass on submitting to this volume, but want to gear up for future releases, Vol. 3 will be another general horror release, and I think Vol. 4 will be a body horror special – hopefully out in time for Valentine’s Day 2017. Please hold off on subbing to those at the moment. I’ll open up for those volumes in September.



Chuck Leek/WORN/Orion Info PDF –