The things I say hit the air and seem to fall apart//and I can see the faces faces fallin’ down…

I’ve begun to send out responses to submissions, and believe you me, you’ve all sent me too much good stuff. Space in the first volume is limited and it’s filling up quickly. I certainly have to turn down stories that, if space and money were no option, I would print. I will try and get back to everyone who has submitted thus far by the end of the weekend, but I may have to save a few for next week. Pardon the form replies to stories I cannot accept at this time, but I got, and continue to get, A LOT of submissions, and I just can’t write everyone a personal response right now.

Fiction Submissions for Vol. 1 will stay open until the end of March, as planned, and I hope to have some news on Vol.1’s featured artist in the coming week or so. Artists interested in showcasing work in Turn to Ash, get in touch at turntoashmedia at I have gotten some more interest since my last post, but I still receive fiction subs in a ratio of about 50:1 to art subs.

I will announce the theme and guidelines for Vol.2 when I close submissions for Vol.1 if I can continue to keep the secret. It’s killing me. Allow me to unwisely fuel speculation with the link below.

From the Ohio Valley and the great American Midwest,


Giorgio Moroder – Chase

Weird scenes inside the gold mine…

Hey, everybody. Fiction submissions are coming in fast and furious for Turn To Ash, Vol.1. Keep ’em coming. Artwork subs have been virtually non-existent thus far, so I’m considering doing a single artist portfolio kind of thing; five or six pages featuring one artist instead of a gallery of several. I haven’t decided yet, but the volume (or lack thereof) of art submissions over the next week or so will determine my course of action.

Submissions for Vol. 1 will stay open until the end of March. Very shortly afterwards, submissions for Vol. 2 will open. Vol. 2 will be themed, and I’m very excited to announce the theme. However, I’m going to refrain from doing so now, so as to not muddy the waters of Vol. 1 submissions. Like, follow, stalk, subscribe, skulk around to get word on what that theme will be as soon as it is announced.  I plan to have Vol. 1 out by August or September, and I’d like to have Vol. 2 follow closely on its heels.

I’ve been (literally, but happily) overwhelmed by the amount of submissions I’ve received in the past week. I will endeavor to have everything submitted by today (02/19/16) read and responded to by next weekend. Thanks to everyone who has submitted and everyone who has helped spread the word. I appreciate it more than I can find the words to say.

– Ben

Turn To Ash



EDIT: Submissions are currently closed. Please keep an eye on our submissions page or Facebook or @turntoashmedia on Twitter to see when we will be open to submissions once again. Cheers.


Turn To Ash is a horror fiction zine. I’m looking for submissions of short fiction and black and white artwork. I’ll also publish relevant essays and interviews.

I’ll be paying one cent a word for either fiction or non-fiction, and $35-$50 per piece for artwork. For fiction, I’d prefer things in the 3k-5k word territory, but I’m flexible either way. Original stories and reprints are both welcome. The zine will be professionally printed and either perfect bound or saddle-stitched.

I’m not going to pitch a theme this time around, so send me whatever. I cast a pretty wide net on what I consider horror. Two of the most horrifying books I’ve ever read are Every Man Dies Alone and Knockemstiff. My favorite stories that are firmly in the genre tend to be quiet horror and capital “W” Weird, but I also enjoy splatterpunk and lots of stuff in between. Send submissions to turntoashmedia at For text submissions,  I would prefer to receive .doc files in Shunn Manuscript Format. Artwork subs can be made in whatever file format works best for the artist. If we agree on printing your artwork in Turn To Ash, we’ll work out the best way to get print-ready files into my hands.  All submissions can be addressed to “Ben”, “Benjamin”, “Editor”, or “hey, you”.    

I’d like to start putting issues out in the summer or fall of 2016. I’ll start posting updates to the Turn To Ash Facebook ( and WordPress pages as I get submissions, and the ball starts rolling. Big thanks to Julian Dassai for the logo.