Weird scenes inside the gold mine…

Hey, everybody. Fiction submissions are coming in fast and furious for Turn To Ash, Vol.1. Keep ’em coming. Artwork subs have been virtually non-existent thus far, so I’m considering doing a single artist portfolio kind of thing; five or six pages featuring one artist instead of a gallery of several. I haven’t decided yet, but the volume (or lack thereof) of art submissions over the next week or so will determine my course of action.

Submissions for Vol. 1 will stay open until the end of March. Very shortly afterwards, submissions for Vol. 2 will open. Vol. 2 will be themed, and I’m very excited to announce the theme. However, I’m going to refrain from doing so now, so as to not muddy the waters of Vol. 1 submissions. Like, follow, stalk, subscribe, skulk around to get word on what that theme will be as soon as it is announced.  I plan to have Vol. 1 out by August or September, and I’d like to have Vol. 2 follow closely on its heels.

I’ve been (literally, but happily) overwhelmed by the amount of submissions I’ve received in the past week. I will endeavor to have everything submitted by today (02/19/16) read and responded to by next weekend. Thanks to everyone who has submitted and everyone who has helped spread the word. I appreciate it more than I can find the words to say.

– Ben

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