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Just five more days to submit to Turn to Ash, Vol. 1! Don’t report this! Agents of fortune!

Wait! There’s more!

As the deadline for submissions for Vol. 1 draws to a close, work is well under way for Vol. 2. Turn to Ash, Vol. 2: Open Lines is shaping up to be a very exciting project already, and I will have some really cool announcements to make regarding it in the middle of April.

For those of you awaiting reply to your submissions to Vol. 1, I plan to have responded to everything by April 10th. If you haven’t heard from me by the 12th, please send an inquiry.

Somewhere around April 15th, submissions for Vol. 2 will open up. Vol. 2 will have VERY specific guidelines, so please don’t try and submit early. Your subs will be jettisoned from the airlock, where they WILL NOT explosively decompress, because that’s not what happens to people OR manuscripts in the vacuum of space. 

Past that, I will announce the full TOC and reveal the cover for Vol. 1 by around May 15th.

See ya next week. If I don’t have any news, I’ll just post about Maniac Mansion.

All praise,

Ben – Yr Ed



You’ll have the hardest black and dullest knife

I’m pleased to announce the cover artist for Turn to Ash, Vol. 1 is Columbus, Ohio’s own Matt Tisdale.  Some of Matt’s incredible work can be found here. He’s hard at work on a new painting for the zine’s inaugural issue, which I will share here as soon as it is ready. I’m really excited that Matt agreed to do the cover. I’ve admired his work for a long time, and he was the first artist I thought of when I began to try and make Turn to Ash a reality.

There are 13 days left until the period of open submissions closes for Turn to Ash, Vol. 1. Beginning April 1st, I will finish up my reading and finalize the fiction lineup for Vol. 1. Once that is done, I will read Furnace, by Livia Llewellyn, which is sitting unopened on my coffee table, causing me fits on a daily basis. Click that link, buy it, and read it. I will live vicariously through you.

Turn to Ash, Vol. 1 is shaping up wonderfully, including some great non-fiction additions that have gone into the works since my last post. I am eager to share the details of these and all of the contents with you as I can. My fingers are crossed for some really cool stuff. I’m going to do my best to do an update every week between now and release in six months. If that starts to devolve into complaining about Adobe products and cool things my dog did, I may pump the brakes on the frequency of my posts. My dog is pretty cool, though.



Take your shoes off and throw them in the lake!

Greetings, humans. Just a quick update before I dive back into the slush pile. There are 25 days left for submissions for Turn to Ash, Vol. 1. I have received, and continue to receive, loads of great stuff. I’d like to offer my very sincere thanks to everyone who has submitted. I’m blown away by the response to this project, and I will endeavor to put together the best damn book I can.

I got a sketch from the cover artist yesterday, and it is shaping up to be a drop-dead gorgeous piece. I can’t wait to share the finished product. I’ll announce the artist on or around the 18th of March, once all the i’s are dotted, and, hopefully, do a cover reveal not too terribly long after that.

Do you know what I really need? Do you know what I really need?

And now I have a favor to ask. I  would really like to have an interview or two in this issue. Have you interviewed, or do you aspire to interview one of the dazzling luminaries of the Weird? If so, please consider sending that thing my way. I can be reached via telepathy, and at turntoashmedia at


Ben H. – CEO/Crypt-Keeper/Janitor, Turn To Ash Media

I Have Always Been Here Before…

Greetings from the fancy new digs at Well, really, it’s the same old digs, with a slightly truncated address. Hopefully we can fancify them soon, and make this website more of, well… a website. Work on Turn to Ash, Vol. 1 continues daily, and I’m doing my best to keep plugging through submissions and get responses out. I’m about 10 days behind right now, so if you submitted on or after February 22nd, expect to hear from me soon. If you submitted before that, you should’ve received something from me by now. If you haven’t, something’s gone awry and you should contact me to see what’s up.

As of today, I have a cover artist and an interior illustrator lined up for Vol. 1, and I’m eager to share a taste of what’s to come from the both of them as soon as possible. Fiction submissions for Vol. 1 will remain open until the end of this month, but I’ve taken nearly all that I can for the first issue, so very little else will be accepted this time around.

As subs close for Vol. 1, they will open for Vol. 2. I gave some not-so-subtle hints as to the theme of Vol. 2 in my last post, and I will further muddy those waters by offering the title of the issue: Turn to Ash, Vol.2: Open Lines.