I Have Always Been Here Before…

Greetings from the fancy new digs at turntoash.com. Well, really, it’s the same old digs, with a slightly truncated address. Hopefully we can fancify them soon, and make this website more of, well… a website. Work on Turn to Ash, Vol. 1 continues daily, and I’m doing my best to keep plugging through submissions and get responses out. I’m about 10 days behind right now, so if you submitted on or after February 22nd, expect to hear from me soon. If you submitted before that, you should’ve received something from me by now. If you haven’t, something’s gone awry and you should contact me to see what’s up.

As of today, I have a cover artist and an interior illustrator lined up for Vol. 1, and I’m eager to share a taste of what’s to come from the both of them as soon as possible. Fiction submissions for Vol. 1 will remain open until the end of this month, but I’ve taken nearly all that I can for the first issue, so very little else will be accepted this time around.

As subs close for Vol. 1, they will open for Vol. 2. I gave some not-so-subtle hints as to the theme of Vol. 2 in my last post, and I will further muddy those waters by offering the title of the issue: Turn to Ash, Vol.2: Open Lines.


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