Books by the blameless and by the dead


Just five more days to submit to Turn to Ash, Vol. 1! Don’t report this! Agents of fortune!

Wait! There’s more!

As the deadline for submissions for Vol. 1 draws to a close, work is well under way for Vol. 2. Turn to Ash, Vol. 2: Open Lines is shaping up to be a very exciting project already, and I will have some really cool announcements to make regarding it in the middle of April.

For those of you awaiting reply to your submissions to Vol. 1, I plan to have responded to everything by April 10th. If you haven’t heard from me by the 12th, please send an inquiry.

Somewhere around April 15th, submissions for Vol. 2 will open up. Vol. 2 will have VERY specific guidelines, so please don’t try and submit early. Your subs will be jettisoned from the airlock, where they WILL NOT explosively decompress, because that’s not what happens to people OR manuscripts in the vacuum of space. 

Past that, I will announce the full TOC and reveal the cover for Vol. 1 by around May 15th.

See ya next week. If I don’t have any news, I’ll just post about Maniac Mansion.

All praise,

Ben – Yr Ed



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