Certain streets have certain corners

With submissions closed, I’m hard at work finalizing the line-up for Turn to Ash, Vol. 1.  I should be able to announce the fiction selections in the next month, but I thought today I would highlight a little bit of the non-fiction that will appear in the zine.

Jose Cruz, author, light-keeper at The Haunted Omnibus, and regular contributor to the bare•bones e-zine, will be contributing two non-fiction pieces. One will be a recurring column that will act as something of a counterpoint to The Haunted Omnibus, and shine a light on forms of short storytelling in the horror/weird vein that occur outside the typical literary forms; anthology segments from movies and television, comic books, radio dramas, and anywhere else where something strange and dark may bloom outside the usual channels.

His second offering is a fantastic, insightful interview with filmmaker Philip Gelatt, writer of the excellent Europa Report, and screenwriter and director of the upcoming film adaptation of Laird Baron’s “–30–.”

With the aid of Jose and a couple of other folks whose work I will tease in the coming weeks, I hope to make Turn to Ash an aggregate of not only quality dark fiction and artwork, but vital non-fiction works, as well.

Salutations from Turn to Ash HQ,

Most of us tinkers, some of us tailors,


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