A theatre mask of hostility attracts


I thought I’d make a quick update and inform you of the some of the goings-on at Turn to Ash HQ, and make an announcement regarding another recurring non-fiction article that will appear in the pages of Turn to Ash.

Line edits and rough layout work have begun on Turn to Ash, Vol. 1. The cover art for Vol. 1 should be in my hands by around May 15th, and rest assured that I will share a mock up of the cover at the earliest possible second. I hope to have the full TOC  and final cover ready to share in June.

Work is already well underway for Vol. 2, and I can’t wait to tell you what’s in store. An official announcement and call for submissions for this themed issue will come sometime in May. Keep your eyes peeled.

There’s also…something else… but whenever I try to recall exactly what it is, my vision goes white and I l0se my train 0f th0ught. I’m sure I’ll remember it s00n enough and pass it al0ng.

Anyway, I’m pleased to announce another recurring non-fiction column that will appear in Turn to Ash. “Take It From Me (But Give It Back When You’re Done):
Random Thoughts On Horror Cinema”, by author James Newman, first ran in the Splatterpunk zine. We are thrilled to begin by offering the original article that appeared in the now out-of-print Splatterpunk 6, in Turn to Ash, Vol. 1. This first installment is an examination of several horrific scenes occurring in movies that don’t necessarily have both feet planted firmly in the genre. James will continue to offer his insights into silver screen horror in future installments of Turn to Ash. I’m extremely happy to have James on board, and I implore you to check out his excellent fiction if you haven’t already. A bio and a couple of links are included below to help you in this endeavor.

Til next time,


James Newman has been a horror fanatic since the age of four, when his father took him to the drive-in to see THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN.  His published works include 666 HAIR-RAISING HORROR MOVIE TRIVIA QUESTIONS, the novels MIDNIGHT RAIN, THE WICKED, ANIMOSITY, and UGLY AS SIN, and the collection PEOPLE ARE STRANGE.  Next up is DOG DAYS O’ SUMMER, a short novel co-written with Mark Allan Gunnells.
     James invites readers to check out his official website at www.james-newman.com, although he admits that he hangs out on Facebook more than he updates that dusty old thing (It’s dark in there, and often full of cobwebs . . . and if there’s one thing that scares a horror fanatic like James, it’s spiders).


Find James at Amazon:



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