The signal from WORN – Radio Orion grows louder and clearer with each passing day, and through the static, Turn to Ash, Vol. 2: Open Lines begins to take form.

Open Lines is a unique series of strange stories, presented as phone calls to late night paranormal talk show host, Chuck Leek, on his nationally syndicated radio program, The Late Night Leak. Of course, Chuck is having a hell of a night himself, and the calls weave through a frame story detailing his weird night of High Strangeness.

I’m pleased to announce the TOC for Turn to Ash, Vol. 2: Open Lines (not yet in final running order):

Cold Call (frame story) – Jonathan Raab

The Sun Screams in Retrograde – Rebecca Allred

OGRE – Joseph Bouthiette Jr

All that Moves Us – Evan Dicken

The White Factory – Kurt Fawver

A Room with Two Views – Joanna Michal Hoyt

When the Trees Sing – S. L. Edwards

Rails – Thomas Mavroudis

Lullabies from the Formicary – Betty Rocksteady

Midnight in the Desert – Joseph Pastula

The Merger – A.P. Sessler

Death Run – Martin Rose

Including recurring columns from Jose Cruz and James Newman, Turn to Ash, Vol. 2 will feature several pieces of non-fiction pertaining to radio, conspiracy, and the kind of weird goings-on covered by Mr. Leek’s show.

Small Wonders – The Thing on the Fourble Board – Jose Cruz

Take It From Me (But Give It Back When You’re Done): Random Thoughts On Horror Cinema – It’s a Cover-Up! (Seven Fright Flicks Featuring a Sinister Conspiracy) – James Newman

Lovecraft and the Primal Roots of Late-Night Radio: Fire, Myths, and Monsters – John DeLaughter

An Interview with Matthew M. Bartlett by Gordon White

Turn to Ash, Vol. 2: Open Lines will be available to order in late October. Watch this space and WORN – 1600 AM for further updates.

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