Vol. 2 pre-orders, Vol. 3 submissions, Vol. 1 sale ending.

Happy Halloween, weirdos!

We’ve been hard at work finishing the edits and layout for Turn to Ash, Vol. 2: Open Lines over the last few weeks, and I’m happy to announce that it will be available for pre-order one week from today. Orders for Vol. 2 will ship in the last week of November or the first week of December. It will become available via Amazon at that time, as well. Watch this space next Monday for the pre-order link.

The cover below is not quite final, but it’s getting there. The “contactee sketch” on the front is by Bo Davis. Chuck’s image is by Julian Dassai.


I was planning on opening up submissions for Vol. 3 in November, but I don’t want to give short shrift to the prepping and promotion of Vol. 2, so I’m going to hold off on opening subs up for Vol. 3 until December. Start sharpening your pencils. It will be another general horror issue, in the vein of Vol. 1. I’ve already bought a couple of stories for it, but I am looking for up to 8 more. It will likely release in March or April, 2017.

Turn to Ash, Vol. 1 is still on sale for $9 over at Amazon, so if you haven’t picked up a copy yet, now is the time! The sale is supposed to end today, but sometimes it takes a couple of days for the price to update, so act quickly!

Codex Inabsolutus

Hey, all. It’s been a wee bit difficult drumming up reviews for Turn to Ash, Volume 1 thus far. If you or someone you know has a blog, zine, pirate radio station, or hastily-mimeographed manifesto in which they’d like to review Vol. 1, or any and all future volumes of Turn to Ash, please don’t hesitate to contact me at turntoashmedia (AT) gmail (DOT) com with relevant links and/or blurry photographs. Thanks!