$3 from all orders will go to the ACLU until further notice.

Hey, there. Until it no longer seems necessary, I’ll be contributing a portion of each sale from turntoash.storenvy.com to the ACLU. $3 for each order. After I announced that I realized that the minimum donation is $5, so I’ll donate $6 for every two orders. If it’s been a couple of days and I’m stuck on an odd number of orders, I’ll round up to $5 on one. Please tell me in the order notes under what name you would like your portion of the donation made. I’ll send you an email receipt when the deed is done.

three cheers, one kiss, and a punch


Well, it’s that time of year. That’s right; it’s time for us to pay the annual hosting fee for our website. What a great and totally unrelated time for a sale in the Turn to Ash store! Now through Friday night, you can get both volumes of Turn to Ash for only $14 plus shipping. That’s less than $20 total. That’s 25 stories, 5 non-fiction columns, 2 interviews, and more than a handful of artwork for precious little dough. If you’ve got one issue and need the other, they are also available individually for $7 plus shipping.

Click HERE or on the picture above to be magically transported to the store.