I’m gonna need another week

I’m still going through submissions, and man, it’s gonna be tough. I’m probably going to wind up accepting twice as many stories as I had planned on, and still have to reject some that I really like. So, unfortunately, it’s going to take me another week to sort through the remaining submissions and make those tough decisions. Check back with me if you haven’t heard from me by March 22nd.

Hit the Ground

The Turn to Ash, Vol. 3 submission window is now closed. Thanks to all who subbed. I will do my best to respond to all submissions by the 14th of March. If it looks like I’m not going to make that deadline, I’ll post an update here with a new estimate. There were 246 submissions this time, which is a lot, but not quite the deluge I got with Vol. 1. I am thankful for that. I hope to have a cover reveal and a TOC in a little over a month.

Past that, stay tuned to this spot for some exciting news about free monthly fiction and a subscription service for a bi-annual limited edition print collection of those stories and more. A bit further out, look for news regarding a SUPER SECRET™ novella that’s in the works and a slightly-less SUPER SECRET™ anthology project, both currently planned for release in 2018.