Turn to Ash, Vol. 3

Still working on the non-fiction for this one, but I can go ahead and announce the fiction line-up (in no particular order)…

C.M. Muller – The Church in the Field
Betty Rocksteady – Something is Coming
J Daniel Stone – Open Coffins
Jake Wyckoff – Snare for a Small Eclipse
Christopher Ropes – A Home For People Like Me
George C. Cotronis – Heartland
Erica Ruppert – In the Bright Sunlight
C.C. Adams – Time Alone
Calie Voorhis – The Never Unbroken Daughter
Jo-Anne Russell – Liquid Black
Leigh Harlen – Children of God
Douglas Draa – Fishin ‘Boots

Shooting for a July release. Cheers, weirdos. Cover by the unsinkable Matt Tisdale.

vol 3 proto cover front

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