Another Exterminator Eaten by Bugs

Let’s move some units, as they say in some biz or another, I’m sure. Vol. 3 is coming up soon, my best lady is graduating from college this week, and Spring will soon fade into Summer. None of this, save the turn of the seasons, comes for free, of course, so why not have a ludicrous sale to put some ink on paper and maybe buy my dearest a congratulatory malted?

For the next few days, all purchases from the Turn to Ash store are 50% off. That’s $5 a book. If you’re in the US, that price will meet or beat Amazon’s. However, we will not be able to beat Amazon’s shipping speed because we obey the laws of thermodynamics in this house. If you are not in the US, well, congratulations, but Amazon is still by far the cheapest way to ship to you. Also, if you aren’t in the US, would you consider adopting me? Things are weird here. I’m almost 36, but surely we can work something out.

Anyway, click the link below and spread the word. Cheers.


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