Turn to Ash, Vol. 3 Pre-order

Turn to Ash, Vol. 3 is now up for Pre-order at the Turn to Ash Store. Orders will ship around the first week of September, shortly after the hangover from NecronomiCon has faded. Be sure to order soon as I’ve only got the rights for Matt Tisdale’s glorious cover for a limited amount of time. There will be at least 100, but probably not many more. Once those rights expire, the issue will either go out of print or we’ll release a second edition with a different cover, depending on demand and the number of copies sold.

Speaking of, my intention has always been to limit the physical runs of each zine to 300 retail copies, and Vol. 1 has almost reached that terminal landmark, so make sure to pick up a copy if you haven’t already or it’ll be gone for good.

Vol. 2 is still available and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for that. I kid, but more folks need to pick this up. Weird tales, written as call-ins to a Coast to Coast-style radio show, woven together by Jonathan Raab’s frenetic Gonzo-pulp-conspiracy-horror frame story. As Art Bell might suggest via some bumper music – take a chance – you won’t be disappointed.

If you’ve been sleeping on the whole damn Turn to Ash thing, you can also pick up all three volumes at a discounted price via the Turn to Ash store.

The contents of Vol. 3 are listed below the cover image.


vol 3 proto cover front

C.M. Muller – The Church in the Field

Betty Rocksteady – Something is Coming

J Daniel Stone – Open Coffins

Jake Wyckoff – Snare for a Small Eclipse

Christopher Ropes – A Home For People Like Me

George C. Cotronis – Heartland

Erica Ruppert – In the Bright Sunlight

C.C. Adams – Time Alone

Calie Voorhis – The Never Unbroken Daughter

Jo-Anne Russell – Liquid Black

Leigh Harlen – Children of God

Douglas Draa – Fishin ‘Boots

M. B. Vujačić – Jelly

Non-fiction columns from James Newman and John DeLaughter


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