Hot Metal Dobermans

Have a great weekend everybody! Get weird and Halloween it up, wherever and whatever you are. We’ll be doing the final spit and polish on Vol. 3 this weekend so that we can get it – our biggest, weirdest issue yet – out into the wild ASAP.

Anywho, to tide you over, here’s another piping-hot review from our man (a HUMAN, not A SWARM OF LOUD, BUZZING THINGS ALWAYS JUST OUT OF SIGHT) on the street, S.L. Edwards. Click anywhere below. I dare ya.

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, S.L. Edwards reviews A Breath from the Sky from Martian Migraine Press.

News and reviews that you can (possibly) use

Howdy, all! I should be getting a print proof of Vol. 3 in a couple of days, then it’s one last check with authors to make sure everything looks shiny, and we’re ready to ship! I’m shooting for the middle-end of next week to have the pre-order copies begin their journeys via the USPS.

In other exciting news, I’m proud to roll out a new feature that will be appearing regularly on the Turn to Ash website – book reviews from everyone’s favorite human author (he keeps insisting that I remind everyone that he is, in fact, one human, and not a swarm of anything else) – S.L. Edwards!

We’re coming out swinging with this one – TWO reviews in one day:

Geraniums and Other Blooms: An Introduction to the World of John Linwood Grant

Strange is Life: The Everyday Horrors of S. P. Miskowski in Strange is the Night

Sam’s got more reviews in the pipeline that we’ll be posting in the coming weeks and months, alongside other free content that will include both fiction and non-fiction. Sometime around the first of the year, we’ll do a complete site redesign as well, as I think the layout of this one is kind of clunky. More on that and the upcoming content soon.

So, click those links and buy some books, people. There are links to buy the books reviewed (**cough** and our store **cough**) provided at the bottom of the review pages.