Turn to Ash, Vol. 1


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A Scent of Sage by Jason A. Wyckoff

The Monster I Became by Betty Rocksteady

Collectable by Tim Jeffreys

While the Black Stars Burn by Lucy A. Snyder

The Hunter by Terrence Hannum

Sod Webworms by Adrian Ludens

Hollow-Eyed Boys by Jordan Kurella

Chelsea Grin by Michael Kelly

What Makes a Shadow by J. Daniel Stone

The Recovered Journal of Marius Vladimirescu, Last of the Clown Hunters by Andrew Wilmot

So Dreamy Inside by C.C. Adams

The Mother Chase by Alana I. Capria

A Tooth for a Tooth by Matt Thompson


Wild Spaces: An Interview with Philip Gelatt by Jose Cruz

Take It From Me (But Give it Back When You’re Done): Random Thoughts on Horror Cinema by James Newman

Small Wonders: A Drop of Water by Jose Cruz


Christian Weiland

Lee Harrington

Matt Andrew

Cover image by Matt Tisdale

Turn to Ash, Vol. 1 published 08/27/16 by Turn to Ash Media LLC